Killer Game Blue Whale

Nowadays if any of your close children, particularly young people who are lost or alone, be careful that they are not a victim of a blue whale game. This game is also known by many other names such as “A Silent House”, “A Sea of Whales”, “‘wake me up at 4:20am”.

For a report says, the victim of this game has become 130 children in Russia by November 2015 and 2016.The game’s moderators find players through “death groups” or “suicide groups” set up on (VKontakte). Police in Russia have shut down several of these groups in recent years but say that as soon as one is shut down, another starts up and this has driven them underground.

This is a bloody game in which players play their lives in the end. You will not find this game on the Google Play Store or any other website. It makes hunting young who use Facebook and Instagram.In this game, you have to log in with Facebook or Instagram account, then you are given some tasks.These are 50 tasks which last for 50 days and once you enter the game you can not go back. You are intimidated by game administrator, children are intimidated about their family. All the information of the player goes to the sports operator as soon as logging in. After retracing, you are scared in every way.these can be anything from simple tasks like listening to a certain song, watching unsettling videos and waking up at odd times to much more extreme requests like cutting words or whale symbols into your skin. The first challenge usually comes at 4:20 a.m. Every time you accomplish a task, you must provide photographic or video proof of completion to the admin.

In India,The Supreme Court agreed to hear the petition to give an immediate judicial directive to the government to ban an online game ‘Blue Whale’, which could be behind the deaths of teenage youths and suicide victims Can be addicted.
The Leading Leader of the Chief Justice of India, advocate C.R. Jya Sukan has mentioned an important mention, which is another lawyer N.S. Poyiah, who urged the government to take immediate steps to spread awareness about the dangers of playing the game and its availability online clampdown online.
Mr. Sukin argued before the bench that the government is not taking enough steps till now, even though the number of suicides and suicides has increased.
It has been said in the petition that the game has spread its network in cities and even the schoolchildren are enticing to play.
The game “prepares young people to kill themselves” Blue Whale On-Line Game encourages people to participate in dangerous hazardous violence according to the instructions to kill themselves. “The petitioner said that the parents are in panic and said in the petition, “Parents are doing their best to stop their children from playing sports,” said in the petition.

Friends, social media is a medium through which we can stay connected with the today’s world, It has both advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you, you use it in many different ways.Be careful and pay attention to the activities around you, if you are a victim of a Blue Whale game, then help him.
Stay Blessed.
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Sanvida Parichalak Recruitment in Uttarakhand Transport Corporation-2017


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Age Limit- 18 to 42 years as on 01/Jul/2017.

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Best Shopping Places In Delhi

Delhi is a colorful city. it is a perfect combination of Modern trends and old charm. In Delhi shopping is so much fun. It is famous for Street shopping. There are many shopping places where you can purchase trendy, classic and stylish items in very reasonable price.

Connaught Place
Connaught Place is the center attraction in Delhi for shopping. It is famous for cloths, jewellery ,books, handicraft items and electronics products. The recommended shopping places in CP are:

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Top Two Wheelers in India

In India Two wheeler Bikes and Scooters are most popular, the sales of bikes is depend on popularity of bikes, millage, weight of bikes, money is also a big factor.

#Top 10 Motorcycle Sold In India 

01-Hero Splendor Plus
Hero Splendor Plus is a most popular brand in India Hero Motor corp sold approx 2.08 lakh units of the model last month. Hero HF Deluxe and Hero Passion is on 2nd and 3rd position onward.
02-Bajaj V15

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Technology Insight The Rising Trend of The QR Code as a Marketing Tool

The QR Code, abbreviation for the Quick Response Code, is a type of bar code defined by its distinct square shape with smaller squares and monochromatic pixels. It was invented in Japan by Toyota in 1994 to increase the efficiency of the production of vehicles by scanning and tracking the vehicle components at high speed during the manufacturing process. Today, these QR codes are gaining increasing popularity as a marketing tool among companies from a wide variety of industries. Most QR codes can be found on flyers, brochures, newspapers, magazines, bus stop signs, posters, store windows, product packaging and much more.
As QR codes are a fairly recent trend, implementing them as part of your marketing strategy will certainly spark the inquisition of customers. With the rapid adoption of smartphones, many consumers may easily download the QR code scanner application on their mobile devices for free. Providing incentives such as exclusive coupons and offers via QR codes would certainly entice consumers to do so.
Commercial QR Codes are essentially hyperlinks. When scanned, the QR code will direct the person who scanned it to a specific URL. Apart from coupons and offers, consumers may also be provided with links about a product description, company information, offer and contest details, event information, coupons, video(s), social media pages and much more. QR codes allow consumers to interact with advertisements. They are a fun way to immediately engage customers while allowing them to learn more about your company and the services and/or products you offer.
Examples of Interesting Ways QR Codes are Used
1) Movies
QR Codes may be found on movie posters. Scanning the code may bring the user to a link showing the trailer, reviews and show timings in the city.

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Five Behavior After Eating Kill Your Health

#1, Eat fruits after meals
Many people love to eat some fruits after meal, which is harmful to clearing mouth. In fact, it is just a kind of wrong behavior, that may break our digestion function. After food getting yourself into our stomach, it will spend 1-2 hours to expel them. If you eat fruits immediately after meals, fruits is going to be be blocked through the former food, then fruits can’t be digested normally.

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Best News Channel In India

India is a big country , in India there are to many News Channel, News papers, News Web Portal, but everyone find latest new in India and in other country also.

All News Channel always want’s be on top, if a News paper Or News Channel is on top, it’s all about their employees responsibility, Coverage of news, depth of coverage of news, News is correct or fake.

Top  New Channel In India are below :-

1:- NDTV 24*7,  NDTV INDIA

NDTV has good employees list in this fields, they are doing best job for collecting News, and the presentation of news is very good, so today NDTV is on top compare to other news channels.

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Best Places to Visit In India

Best places to visit in India in August Since the monsoons in India are pretty spectacular, there are a lot of places where you can witness its beauty. From mountain ranges and hill stations to beautiful waterfalls, rivers and beaches, India offers a whole lot of travel options no matter where you’d like to go. By August, the monsoons set in and there are just about enough places you can trek to, or even take a road trip to.In fact, since it’s not the peak season, traveling will not burn a big hole in your pocket and most places will also be less crowded. So here are 10 places in India that you can visit in August. Read more

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