Five Behavior After Eating Kill Your Health

#1, Eat fruits after meals
Many people love to eat some fruits after meal, which is harmful to clearing mouth. In fact, it is just a kind of wrong behavior, that may break our digestion function. After food getting yourself into our stomach, it will spend 1-2 hours to expel them. If you eat fruits immediately after meals, fruits is going to be be blocked through the former food, then fruits can’t be digested normally.

#2, Drink strong tea after meals
There are a large amount of tannin acid in tea. If you drink strong tea after having a meal, it will form sediment together with tannin acid containing not been digested, that may affect the absorption of protein. The materials in tea will affect the absorption of iron element, keeping unhealthy habit of drinking tea after may cause an iron deficiency anemia. In addition, drinking tea after meals will pour too much water inside stomach, that may dilute gastric secretion of digestive juices, that may affect the digestion of stomach.

#3, Smoking after meals
In fact, the behavior will perform an incredible injury to our body. The frequency of gastrointestinal peristalsis is high, and the circulation of blood is faster, our digestion system will probably be moved comprehensively. If you smoke at this time, the absorbing smoking of lung and your whole entire body will increase. The harmful materials will be largely absorbed inside lung, which will stimulate our breathing and digestion system. No doubt it is going to bring more damage.

#4, Drinking water after meals
Drinking water immediately after meals will dilute the gastric juice, so the food in your stomach will get into the intestines without digestion, that may cause gastrointestinal diseases. If you drink soda after meals, it will be worse. Because the carbon dioxide from the soda drinks increases the stomach pressure, then cause acute gastric dilatation.

#5, Singing karaoke after dinner
The stomach capacity raises after getting full, and the circulation of blood increases, should you sing song at this time, your diaphragm will go down and increase abdominal pressure. Then it will cause bad digestion and gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, then you’ve got to sing songs 1 hour after dinner. Or eat dinner after singing.

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